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  3 Testimonials from past customers; more upon request.  

I have been purchasing from Toyoma for almost 9 years, and have traveled to Japan with them on multiple occasions. Their knowledge of the Japanese language and customs give them a unique insight into the Koi world that is not matched by any other dealer in the US. They know which breeders are practicing good bio-security standards, and don't just look for the cheapest fish to sell to their customers. It is through their long standing personal relationships with the breeders, that I have been able to win three Grand Championships, as well as countless shelves of other Koi show awards. Their knowledge of all things Koi and Japan are not to be discounted lightly when shopping for additions to your collection.



Dear Roland & Yoko

The new showa arrived today and is beautiful. Hopefully she will join our growing list of grand champions! Thanks again for your professionalism, care, and great Koi.
Over the years, your contribution to the Koi hobby has been outstanding. We especially appreciate the fact that you are there "after the sale" to provide help and support. We have relied on you to select Koi for us on your trips to Japan and have never been disappointed.

Thanks again for great Koi and knowledge that you have provided. We remain loyal and satisfied customers,

-Beth & Bruce


I have known Roland for the past 5 years. He has excellent quality fish and understands the hobby quite well. He has been in this industry for at least a couple decades. He is honest and has kept his word, has helped me learn more about the hobby, and has explained the different types of Koi for purchase. One of the most outstanding features of this website is the high resolution photos of the fish. Being that I live in New York, I don't have the ability to go in person. Therefore, you have to rely on the reputation, trust and pictures. Another important feature that attracted me to the site is that the fish are veterinarian certified.

I have done plenty of investigation where to purchase these specialty fish as any avid hobbyist would do. They are like art work and you want to make sure you are buying high quality fish. After doing business with other Koi dealers, I have found Roland to be the best. Roland is honest and always willing to help



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