2007 Kujaku Koi Fish 2 Years Female 21"

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Name: 2007 Kujaku Koi Fish 2 Years Female 21"

Collection: 2021 Harvest

Age: 2 Years

Size: 21 Inches

Sex: Female

Coloring: Kujaku

The Kujaku Koi is a metallic or Ogon koi (solid white base) with the reticulated net-like pattern of the Asagi on its back. This pattern combines with either a gold, yellow, orange, or red Kohaku-type design creating a striking effect.

Created in the early 1960s by Mr. “Nishi” Hirasawa of Hiranishi Fish Farms, the Kujaku originally was grouped with the Hikarimoyo category. In recent years, Kujaku (literally “Peacock”) has received much attention and, with their increasing popularity, are often judged in their class.

Variations of Kujaku include Tancho Kujaku, Maruten Kujaku and Doitsu Kujaku.