2002 Ginrin Kohaku Koi Fish 2 Years Female 20"

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Name: 2002 Ginrin Kohaku Koi Fish 2 Years Female 20"

Collection: 2021 Harvest

Age: 2 Years

Size: 20 Inches

Sex: Female

Coloring: Ginrin Kohaku

The Kin-Gin-Rin refers to a koi's scale type rather than the variety of koi and is defined as golden silver reflective scales. Most generally, Kin Gin Rin is abbreviated to Gin Rin by koi breeders, sellers, and koi hobbyists of today.

The Kohaku Koi comes in a variety of white and red shades, but the highest quality or grade would have red patterns that match the color of the Japanese flag, and the body color should be pure white like snow (Often, the color pattern is more orange-ish than red.) The Koi fish should have well-defined colors with fine edges that distinguish the body's white and red regions. To be highly graded, certain areas of the body should not have any red spots or patterns, such as fins, around the mouth and lower portions below the eyes. Body markings should be pleasant and must have an aesthetic pattern. There should be a color break where the tail-fin begins.