2004 Showa Koi Fish 2 Years Female 20" (SOLD)

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Name: 2004 Showa Koi Fish 2 Years Female 20"

Collection: 2021 Harvest

Age: 2 Years

Size: 20 Inches

Sex: Female

Coloring: Showa

The Showa classification implies a black (Sumi black) koi with red (Hi-meaning sharp red patches) and white (Shiro) markings. The Showa is created by crossing a Kohaku Koi with a Shiro Utsuri variety, first produced in 1927, the Showa Koi named for the Showa Emperor, who was in power during the time. Initially, there was a different proportion between red (Hi) and white (Shiro)markings on this type of Koi. Recently, the number of white markings has increased to the point that it has become challenging to discern the Showa from the Sanke variety.