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2006 Goshiki Koi Fish 2 Years Female 20"

2006 Goshiki Koi Fish 2 Years Female 20"

Name: 2006 Goshiki Koi Fish 2 Years Female 20"

Collection: 2021 Harvest

Age: 2 Years

Size: 20 Inches

Sex: Female

Coloring: Goshiki

Goshiki means "five colors," referring to the red, black, and white of the Sanke and the navy and blue of the Asagi from which the original Goshiki were developed. Lately, the name Goshiki is given to any koi with a white base overlaid with a grey Asagi-like net pattern, which is overlaid with a Kohaku-like pattern.

The Goshiki is a white-based Koi with a black fishnet pattern on top of the white base covering the entire back and runs from the top of the back down to the lateral line. On top of the fishnet pattern, there is a red or orange pattern similar to the Kohaku. This pattern is called the Hi (hee) plate. One difference in this Hi plate from Goshiki to Kohaku is that the Goshiki Hi tends to be much thicker, with a more neon color intensity than the Kohaku Hi plate. The Goshiki Hi plate glows and gives the impression of thickness that the Hi plate can look like a sticker attached to the fishes fishnet pattern.

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