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  • Asagi Koi Fish
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Toyoma Koi International

3003 Asagi Koi Fish 3 Years Female 26" (SOLD)

Name: 3003 Asagi Koi Fish 3 Years Female 26"

Collection: 2021 Harvest

Age: 3 Years

Size: 26 Inches

Sex: Female

Coloring: Asagi

The Asagi Koi is rather apparent to spot, considering that it is one of only three Koi breeds that stay blue as they mature.
The name “Asagi” in Japanese translates to “setting sun,” and this breed’s coloring is nostalgic of its meaning.
The combination of black, blue scales and red-orange patterns mimic a sunset, earning the Asagi its name, and the scales of the Asagi koi is also distinctively non-metallic.

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