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  • Jumbo Sanke Koi Fish
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Toyoma Koi International

4039 Jumbo Sanke Koi Fish Jumbo Sanke 4 Years Female 29" (SOLD)

Name: 4039 Koi Fish Jumbo Sanke 4 Years Female 29"

Collection: 2020 Harvest

Age: 2 Years

Size: 29 Inches

Sex: Female

Coloring: Sanke

A Sanke may be one of the most popular koi varieties in Japanese style koi ponds and water gardens. Known initially as Taisho Sanke or Taisho Sanshoku, they are commonly called Sanke by most koi enthusiasts in the hobby today. The word Sanke means ‘tricolor’ in the Japanese language. A Sanke is a koi with three colors; white, red, and black—white koi with a red pattern and occasional black markings.

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