We import the finest show and champion quality Nishikigoi (the formal term for Koi). Our catalog below shows the Koi we have available now. Click on the photos to search for Koi of different ages.

Please call us for pricing

Please note that we do not post our prices. If you want to know the price of a fish, please call or text us at (714) 931-0125 or email us at toyomakoi@aol.com. If the catalog does not have a video of a fish that interests you, we will make one for you. Just call, text or email us. We are always happy to spend time talking to our customers before we ship our fish.

The pictures above give you a glimpse of the variety and quality of the Koi we carry. Remember...each fish is one of a kind.

Click here for our Catalog. 

Make sure you look at the videos in the catalog. Enjoy!



We developed a wealth of information over the 30 years we have been importing Koi. Naturally, anyone who wants Koi in a pond, they need to provide a healthy environment for the Koi. Check out our novel Kami Mizu bio media filtration system at kamimizu.com

Come see our fish. You will not be disappointed!

We are located in Orange County, California. Please call (714) 931-0125 (or text) or email us at toyomakoi@aol.com. Ask for Roland to schedule an appointment. 

We ship throughout the United State.