About Us

Championship Koi Direct From Japan

Welcome to Toyoma Koi! We have been importing Nishikigoi from Japan for more than 35 years. Our Koi are hand-selected from breeders in Niigata Prefecture, where Koi breeding and collecting began over two centuries ago. 

My wife, Yoko, raised nearby in Toyoma, and I have developed close personal relationships with breeders that few Western dealers possess, giving us — and our customers — access to Koi of the highest quality. 

We cherish every fish we transport back from Japan, and we treat each Koi and our customers with great care and attention. We test all our fish for KHB as soon as they arrive from Japan and consider all variables that will match your home pond eco-system. Our aim is not merely to sell a Koi, but to ensure that it will be introduced into a healthy environment to thrive long after.


Toyoma Koi Location